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Saturday, August 29, 2009


T. Jan Rose-Bartlett and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS
Steven C. Bartlett was born in Seattle, Washington on June 12, 1951. He has lived most of his life in Washington State. On Dec.6, 2004 Steve married his second wife Janet Rose, and they moved to Yelm, Washington on 9 beautiful acreas. They still live in Yelm, Washington on those beautiful acreas in the the shadow of beautiful Mount Rainier.
An accomplished bass guitarist and, Steve played for years in Seattle area clubs. Two of the bands he played for in Seattle can be found on PNWBands--'Good Blessing'-1971, http://pnwbands.com/goodblessing.html and 'Cheeseburger Deluxe' 1972 to 1975. http://pnwbands.com/cheeseburger.html There are others not listed here....in PNWBands, like Cozetti and Gimmell Jazz Quartet, see  http://www.musicontheweb.com/ Steve got his love of music from his father, Morgan Bartlett Sr. who showed up in Steve's 3rd grade class and played a tune...that inspired Steve to go into music, and his brother, Country Blues Singer/Songwriter-- Russell Bartlett . Go to http://www.russellbartlett.com/ . Steve studied music at Edmond's Community College.

He has performed with many great musicians in this area, including  Alvin Earick, Kevin Christiansen, H.D., Peter Pentras, Robert Patrozzi, Natalie Cline, Steve Knopp, Ron Reid, Bruce A. Smith, Bruce Haney, Tod Lemkuhl, Michael Harrison, Miguelito Fieldman, Kindee, Sonia Pina, Jay Silcilia, Andy Carroll, Jon Baroni, st_robert, Tom Keeslar, John 'Scooch' Cugno, Martin Salinas, Kenny WilliamSon, Colette Smartt, Dawn Emelia Young, Jimmy Harris, Dion Taylor, Dave Bray. Terra Jean Chambers, Tamborine Borrelli, Aaron McLean, Scott Ercoliani, Eric Delome, Jay Sicilia , Shelly Ely, Jho Blenis, Dylan Lanny England, Jerry Miller, Sheryl Clark, Steve Sarandos, Cara Powers/Clarke, Stefan Abuan, Doug Skoog, Laurie Johnson, Neil Fallen, Tom Murphy, Tod Thompson, Jessica Blinn, Daven Tillinghast, Bob Cozetti, Tim Gimmell, Fred Taylor, Stephen K. Hicks, Sean Barden, Jerry Miller, Michael O'Neill, Dan Tyack, Mike Karnes, Don Sunn, Dave Fairley, Epiphonio, Greg Holmholt , Leo Vivi ,JAIME LEAL-ANAYA and many other well known area artists. Steve's powerful bass solos are one of the amazing features of his performances.

He also plays guitar. His first wife, Julie Trainer was a fine singer and keyboardist, he and Julie played several years together in Washington State and Canada. His step-son, Julie's son Scott Trainer is a great musician in Wyoming. Steve has taught some bass guitar privately in the Olympia area.

Janet Rose-Bartlett was born in San Jose, California. She was raised in Spokane, Washington, where she married Ernesto Agustin Barela Lovato in 1971 after finishing nurse's training at Spokane  in 1970. They lived in Cholula, Mexico, studied at The Universidad de las Americas in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico with her husband Ernie, they also lived in Lodi, California. They raised two beautiful children [Crystal and Martin] when moving back to Spokane, Washington in 1974 . She studied Electronics at Spokane Tech. Institute and owned Pepperwood Chimney Sweeps from 1982 to 1990, where she did the office, phone, taxes as well as being a certified chimney sweep, she became the first woman Certified Wood Stove Installer in the State of Washington. Ernie and she also owned 7 rentals which they managed while she did nursing, in her spare time. [WOW...What a Woman--Jan-Smile].

In 1990, they moved to Yelm, Washington. Janet continued her training in Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, which she began in 1985.
In 1994, Jan was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa --It took several years for her to learn to enjoy food and eating and knowing 'I'm more than a size'. Now, many of her blogs deal with recipes, food and the 'Art' of eating and being comfortable in any size body. YUM. ["realize now --this 'anorexia' was the beginning signs of MS"--Jan]

Janet and Ernie divorced in February 1995. She met Steve Bartlett in November 1995 in Olympia, Washington. One of the first things she noticed was his natural talent on the bass guitar. They started living together in May 1996 and moved to Yelm. Steve was also a student in RSE, starting in the early 80s, when his mother, Elisabeth Bartlett introduced him to the teachings.

April 1999, Janet was diagnosed with MS. that same year she had a spinal fusion that went very wrong and left her with brain damage, unable to move her left side. The doctors' wanted her to go to a nursing home. She talked them into rehab...Steve came everyday and helped her walk again, they used what Ramtha had taught her in School, amazing the doctors. And, she recovered. The Doctors called her' a wonder', said that he thought she would never move her arms and legs again. One doctor even called her a genius....of course [ T.Jan....SMILE].

Steve continued with his music and they played together in the Olympia area for a couple of years, Jan did percussion and vocals but, she never enjoyed performing in front of people but loved music...and hearing Steve play.
Now, They live simply on their land, where she works on the computer creates blogs , and business websites  ...see WORM GUYS     HERE., Where she sells fishing and composting supplies. [I've created 'bout 100 sites now, updated January 2013, and, that's AFTER the Doctors' said I would NEVER learn, and gave me NO hope, BUT, I can do anything....I really know that as a fact and never give up.. That's all. .T. Jan ] . I really enjoy reviewing and sharing  recipes, and posting and sharing organic gardening info. BUT, my favorite love is to post and share music news and letting folks where Steve is playing. T. Jan
They raise compost and fishing worms. Steve has maded worm bin composters. Enjoy this site and welcome.
Jan's nickname to many is 'Sister', ordained in June 2004. Began writing music news online in 2006. 
Photo by Crystal Sincoff, Jan's daughter

'Good Blessing'

'Good Blessing'
Flyer, From PNWBands

'Good Blessing'

'Good Blessing'

'Good Blessing' 1971

'Good Blessing' 1971
Steve Bartlett-lower right

'Cheeseburger Deluxe'

'Cheeseburger Deluxe'
1972 to 1975

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